What are the common types of mugs?


A mug is a type of glass that is somewhat cylindrical in shape and provided with different labels, a pen, and sometimes a lid. Mug, generally used as beer mugs. They were from that time about 2000 years ago, as evidenced by ancient tankard, which was discovered in Wales. Name mugs came from one of the earlier versions of this glass, a 13th-century wooden vessel. Although the 2000-year-old artefact excavations in Wales precedes that huge time ancient pottery was still considered premature the invention in comparison with medieval and Renaissance mugs.

There are many types of mugs that are available today. Some of them are Antiques, which came from the middle ages, while others are modern. Other mugs in the age somewhere in the middle. These drinkwares are classified mainly according to the material used to create them. For example, circles can be silver, pewter, glass, glass bottom, wood or stainless steel. Availability of materials also hints at the age of the mug. Wooden mug, as you may have guessed, very likely came from the middle Ages. Stainless steel, which are not present at this time, makes it obvious that a mug made in modern times.

People rarely seen in our time to drink in the mug. With the few exception of a few enthusiasts, collectors and traditionalists, people only use the mug as a decoration in the house. In fact, some modern societies that are sold today are nothing if not new product sold to fans to be there.

Glass bottom mugs are more interesting than others. There are many different legends connected with this type of tankard. The first is that the glass under the glass is placed so that the drinker can refuse the king’s Shilling, he saw a coin on the bottom of the glass. This is due to the urban legend about the call. Another interesting myth says that glass drank, who got into a bar fight. Glass bottom should allow the drinker to see the impact. Drinker then evades the assault, apparently, thanks to the glass bottom mugs. Another theory of the comic suggests that the glass bottom is related to the violation of drinking judgment to say, if you drink enough to drink.

Other types of mugs are classified depending on the materials used for their manufacture, As mentioned earlier. Silver tankards, of course, very valuable. Golden circles, while they exist, are not very frequently used. Therefore, a silver ink is considered the most widely recognized precious tankard. Next to silver-tin, metal raw material, which resembles the color and Shine of silver. Because it is not made of silver, tin is a less expensive and more often found in pubs several hundred years ago.

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