Why Clogs Are So Popular


Back in the 1970-ies, clog shoes were very popular, but has changed since then. Then, clogs were type of Shoe or sandal made mostly out of wood. They were intended to protect the feet of workers in industries such as factories and farms.

Today, clogs have been remade in a very fashionable and comfortable slip on shoes and thanks to brands like Dansko, they are coming back into style.

Design clog with an open back, is meant to be easy to wear. The traditional styles were clog shoes, leather upper and wooden soles. The toe is slightly upturned and rounded.

Manufacturers like Dansko have taken great care and passion to design fashionable shoes that are also comfortable to stand, especially for those who are forced to stand for long hours as part of their jobs. I think the medical industry as nurses. In fact, Dansko even has a range of nursing shoes.

Modern clogs are considered as a convenient and reliable boot.

Clogs for men – honestly, before I did my research, I had no idea that there were men wearing clogs, or even clogs for men on the subject. Almost like saying that high heels for men. Personally, I can’t imagine a man wearing clogs anymore than I can imagine a man wearing high heels.

However, mens clogs unlike women’s clogs at all. Men’s clogs are brown or black and the heel is not thick at all.

Clogs generally appeal to those in the medical industry, as they were designed to be slip resistant. No medical worker would like to slip and fall on a hospital floor. Clogs for medical professionals are usually manufactured from sturdy rubber on top and bottom. Their feet were protected from hazards and germs.

Clogs for women – women love the slip on feature of clogs, not to mention comfort. If you like to wear sandals, then you will love clogs. Your entire stop. You don’t have to worry about the different seasons as they are suitable for all seasons. You can even wear them without socks, although I would not recommend that for any Shoe.

There are many types of clogs available, such as wood, canvas, suede, leather, or garden Clogs. Of course, your taste and the intentions will determine the type of clog you will be getting, naturally. Will bother to make garden clogs, of course, only summer visitors. They are designed for durability. All you need to do once you are done with your gardening, is to rinse them and once dry, you can use them the next day.

Clogs have made their way into our culture, and I am sure that we will be wearing clogs for many generations. Not many other shoes can claim to universality.

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