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The mullet hairstyle short front and sides of his head, and long in the back. The word “mullet” was popularized by the Beastie boys, an American hip hop band; whether they coined the word is discussed. There are many varieties of mullet, ranging from something like a layered haircut (with short layers on the top of the head) with the hedgehog with a long tail of hair coming down to mid back.

The species was first shown in America 1960-ies, although it has remained marginal until the 1980s years, when did “Metal” and “glam metal” group, teasing and perming hair into high-maintenance mullet hairstyles. Hair metal musicians all had long hair that was short on top, and about shoulder length at the back.

Today, this hairstyle is strongly associated with white culture of the working class, fans of heavy metal and lesbians. So the mullet is not seen as glamorous or desirable. His reputation deteriorated, in any case, when hipsters started wearing mullets in the mid 00’s.

This haircut is likely to get a severe reaction from other people, from ironic enjoyment on one side, disgust on the other. I know at least one site with poems dedicated to the mullet hairstyle. For some people, a mullet reflects a kind of “who cares what other people think?” attitude that they envy and aspire to.

The famous mullet owners include Joan Jett, Jon Bon Jovi and Nick Cave.

The mullet looks good on some people. Even if the permed mullet is permanently out of fashion (knock on wood), people with straight or wavy hair can wear an updated version of Ms. Jett’s hairstyle (see above photo), with short, layered hair framing the face and shoulder-length hair back.

This haircut looks best on handsome man with dark hair. I’m not sure why. My educated guess, dark hair frames the face and draws attention to it. When a person has a beautiful face, and when the cut flatters their face shape, the class implications of the hairstyle no longer matter.

For those with lighter hair, or less stunning features, the mullet is a small gamble.

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