Corsets – To Cinch Or Not To Cinch?


Through the Victorian ages, corsets were very popular among women. Wore corsets to reduce the waist size. A tiny waist made for an attractive figure.

Corsets were made from different materials for many years, including: stiffened linen, wood, whalebone and iron. Corsets were designed to cinch very tightly in the back in order to restrict the waist size. Corsets also restricted movement, forcing a straighter posture. It was a shame for women to show any pain or discomfort felt in a particularly narrow corsets. Unfortunately, many women were not strong enough to endure the punishment in the tight corsets and would experience numbness in body, difficulty in breathing, fainting, and even cracked ribs.

Luckily for us women, somebody decided corsets had to go! Today corsets are designed to be beautiful and functional.

Some corsets are tailored in the camisole style and are made of flexible material, which is comfortable for everyday use. They are very comfortable under clothing, yet still accentuate curves.

Other corsets are more appropriate for evening wear. Many of these corsets feature boning for shaping and contoured cups. Some gathered waist and lace tightly at the back, while the other seams on the front replicating the vintage corset look. Corsets can be found as a camisole style or as those that can be worn with garters and thigh high stockings. Most corsets are produced from beautiful fabrics and sheer lace. They are available in various colors including: white, ivory, pink, blue, lavender, red and black.

So, if you want corset to make you feel quite reserved or just looking for comfort and body shaping, there’s a corset just right for you!

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