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For every quality decoy is a quality sculptor. Two of the leading masters of the industry Sam and Lilly Nottleman. If you began collecting decoys, then you must know these names. They form a team that creates some of the best decoy pieces available. Here are some fascinating details that you should know about them:

1. They live in Minnesota.
Sam and Lilly to create your amazing lure from his home-Studio located in Winona, Minnesota. They are surrounded by picturesque cliffs and beautiful views of the Mississippi river. Both Sam and Lilly are interested in how the waterfowl and folk art. With Sam and relevant skills Lilly, being in the carving and painting, their marriage formed a team that has produced a magnificent collection of decorative decoy, which became known.

2. They create a false target for Loon lake decoy company.
Those who are interested in collecting decoys, of course, have to consider a great bait creation from Sam and Lilly. They started working on the view of the lake in the early 1990-ies, and have since created several sculptures for them.

3. The process starts with a block of wood.
If you buy a decoy from Loon lake, then you can fully appreciate the skill that is included in the carving and painting the piece. The whole process starts with a block (Tupelo) wood, which comes from Louisiana. Sam first paints a pattern on the snag. It then uses various grinders and other tools in the process of finalizing a block of wood. Surprisingly, the formation of wood requires more than 100 hours for a single bird. Meanwhile, large birds can do 400 hours to create. Then Sam uses a burning pen to create patterns feather birds. This process may require as much in a month!

4. Detailed painting adds the finishing touches.
As those who are interested in collecting decoys now, the painstaking process of creating handmade bait continues with the addition of detailed models of paint. Lilly uses a wide variety of brushes, and various acrylic paint to work its magic. To give the bait a more natural look, she uses the airbrush in order to combine individual colors to the piece.

5. Their creations are alive.
In fact, the lure of a collection of Loon lake has become world famous for the natural look of it. It includes realistic features of birds and their realistic poses. Anyone who is serious about starting bait collections of high quality must necessarily be considered those of Loon lake.

6. Their master Carver series is the best of the best.
Sam and Lilly were created various sculptures, such as; Columbia, which is part of their master series Carver. This is one work that honors the American bald eagle represents over 600 hours of labor.

If you have a bait collection or to start, you should definitely consider the works of Sam and Lilly Nottleman. Their exquisite craftsmanship is displayed in the carving and painting each piece that they create. Works Nottlemans’ represent the beauty, precision and quality handmade decoy.

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