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There are many different types of awards and trophies. Also today there are many companies that make unique and various awards. Companies are now experimenting with glass, wood and metal to come up with a beautiful design that any man would welcome as a trophy.

What can they be used for?

about Sports – Sports is a Prime sector requires awards and trophies. The three should be congratulated and shown recognition for their hard work and victory. Thus trophies are especially needed in the sports industry.

about corporate job – that’s where the good work should be recognized and so the award is not required. Even a simple plaque saying “Best salesman of the year” may become a real lifting of the spirit. The employee does not need only remuneration for the work they do, but they also need that Pat on the back to say that they did a good job.

o schools and colleges – students who are very good and Excel in their field too need recognition. This is the best way to do it, then reward them with a certificate stating the good work.

social clubs – social clubs that host various events too need awards and honors the good work. Even events like beauty pageants or a chess tournament needs awards.

on organizations – the organisations, we mean hospitals, government authorities, NGOs, etc. Even they need recognition of good work.

Different types of awards and trophies

Acrylic Trophy

Acrylic is a clear plastic that very much resembles glass but is much better than glass in many ways. The most common high end acrylic used Polycast, Plexiglas, and Plexiglas. Acrylic is 93% clear making it the obvious material available. Really thick glass sometimes has a green tint to it whereas the acrylic remains clear. Acrylic is also easier to shape than glass, which makes it a good choice for awards. Also acrylic is less brittle than glass, because it is stable and sometimes even the baseball strike acrylic window won’t break it. Acrylic can easily be engraved on the beautiful award.

Crystal Trophy

Crystal has the diamond-like quality that makes it brilliant and a beautiful choice for very special awards. Very good quality Crystal is expensive but keeping the occasion in mind, this is a good option. The crystal must be in the form that you require and most award companies will customize them for you.

Metal Awards

Metal, iron, bronze, silver, gold and even platinum can be used to make your trophy. The most frequently used metals are bronze and iron. Bronze can also be plated with silver or gold, making it the best choice. Metal can be structured into any shape and size and is unbreakable so they last for a very long time without damage.

Wooden Plaques

Wood plaques are a flat surface award that can either be hung like a frame or it is mounted on another wooden base. You can even get bronze plaques but wood can be also a great option. It is inexpensive and lasts for a long time.

Glass Awards

Glass awards are a good option when organizing a corporate awards function. Logos and names of the recipients can be engraved on the glass trophies. Glass awards /awards can be designed in different colors using colored glass.

This is some information about wards and trophies, but if you are looking for a company that can make these awards for you, you can contact recognition identity card. They also customize rewards to suit your requirements. For more information, click here

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