The Nordic walking poles, walking sticks and canes


Walking sticks and canes were a sign of wisdom and self-respect. The reality is that old people used canes and walking sticks more regularly as relatively young, and precedent times, older people were more respected deeply for their wisdom and age.

Most types of canes and walking sticks are the ornamental that can be carved out of beautiful wood with some weight and weight. With complex designs engraved on them, these tools of mobility are fascinating to the eye, and tell tales of the existence lived by the bearer of them.

Many times a walking stick used by hikers in the woods to help them get through difficult land with ease, in any other case, they can slip. A large number of people, in these circumstances, but rather a desire weightless, high tech poles instead of the more traditional wooden tree designs, and is available as the owner to walk several miles holding this walking stick.

Although it may look silly to use a cane in the city, it may be a practical part of the effectively ready in the woods for a day walk or a week of travel. It is clear that they make a useful tool as an emergency tent pull, or a way, usually the fire. No place like home, the traveler is actually not a place for lots of unnecessary documents to spend with him, so a multi-purpose handle of the device can come in useful much more than you might think.

Though not many people would use one of these within the city, nevertheless if you are a cross country traveler, it would make some sense. Of course, this will allow you to move miles, and can even be used in self-defense in an emergency.

Can I use Nordic walking poles to replace my walking sticks or cane?

Nordic walking pole is actually a piece of equipment. Nordic walking is a fitness and conditioning train, which allows you to use two specially designed poles. It embody the usage of extra muscles than regular walking. Canes, taken in front of the body and used for balance. The Nordic walking poles are used behind the body and engage the muscles of the parent body, while decreasing ground force impacts on the joints. In addition, Nordic walking poles have built-in shock absorbers.

There are Nordic walking poles suitable for long Hiking trips?

Usually two legs are not enough for stability on the track. The Nordic walking poles are an ideal approach to provide more stability and good for exercise on streets, sidewalks, and rock paths, helping to ensure a balanced cardiovascular exercise. Nordic walking has been popular in Europe for many years, now more and more people discover their benefits. The main advantages are stability and weight distribution. Whether crossing streams, climbing rocky trails, or having fun with extended walking, they help to balance your weight on the hands in addition to your feet. Results for more stability and less stress to legs, knees and ankles.

Two parts Nordic walking poles are made of aluminum with positive length adjustments and high performance grips which are designed particularly for Nordic walking. Handles, made in cold or warm climatic conditions. Nylon adjustable gloves included.

Sticks For Nordic Walking equipped with a carbide tip. Also included are three types of end caps – snow cap, angled hard surface rubber feet and a protective transport cap to fit over carbide tip, which makes these poles perfect for all season use.

Nordic walking evolved from Finland and Norway and is one of the types of all year round exercise consisting of walking with poles similar to ski poles. It provides a full body workout without the need for snow.

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