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Worldwide India is famous for many things such as cultural diversity, cuisine, natural beauty and last but not least its Handicrafts. People from all over the world come to India to experience its pristine beauty and to buy its Handicrafts. The diversity and richness of Indian Handicrafts is famous all over the world. Crafts of India: decoration, furniture, ceramics, paintings, stone Handicrafts, marble Handicrafts and many more.

There are so many Indian Handicrafts you can buy that it becomes almost impossible to create the list. From a small work to Large Stone craft, the list is long. Some Handicrafts you can buy are metal craft, stone craft, textiles, jewelry and crafts from wood.

Indian metal craft is of gold, silver, copper and brass. You can buy jewelry with enamel hand utensils, such as hand washing, wine bowls and ornamental boxes. All these items are handcrafted with engravings on them. Also, if you want to buy these items encrusted with precious stones, you have it also. Famous places to get these Handicrafts are Delhi, Agra, Moradabad and Chennai.

If you are a lover of ethnic textiles, India has a wide range of ethnic fabrics. Craft styles in different regions of India. The assorted geography of India as well as different cultures has influenced the expansion of a number of textile weaves. Silk, cotton, woolen textiles from different regions have their own styles. You can buy ethnic textiles with block printing, batics, tie and die and original organic color dyeing.

In wooden craft, can’t beat India. Carved and inlaid wooden jewelry, lacquer works, wooden sculptures, statues have a very distinct style. Heavy furniture of rose wood and sandalwood from Rajasthan is famous for its ornamental style. Other examples of DIY wooden toys, mirror frames, holder boxes and pen holders.

Indian crafts are, as a rule, to touch its history and extraordinary style of elegance. Products from India are an important part of life. Despite the fact that the rapid social changes taking place, Handicrafts continue to occupy a major part of an Indian family, where no household is complete without traditional Handicrafts.

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