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As Golf Tees Evolved

Long gone are the days when you had to support a Golf ball on a toothpick-sized tee and hope for the best. Like many other components of Golf engineers have worked feverishly behind the scenes to appreciate as Golf and impact the path and performance ball with precision.

There are many different types of Golf tees in these days. You can still buy a traditional wooden tee, and even get them engraved with your brand on them. But other options become more attractive to golfers, such as the launcher tee, which helps the golfer swing to achieve a high level of performance.

It is not surprising to someone in the Golf industry. For many years they worked on the improvement of Golf clubs and Golf balls to be optimized for maximum performance. The tee is only the latest in a long series of changes that we will inevitably see in this sport.

ProLauncher tees golfer aid to reach new lengths with their tee gearbox. Tests show that when the golfer pit launcher tee with other tees, drives straighter and longer, a double whammy, when your goal is to hit a shot exactly where you want it to land.

When it was independently tested in laboratories, ProLauncher tee superior to traditional wooden Golf tees in the middle for eight yards. It can mean the difference between a par and a bogey if you’re just off the cuff green!

ProLauncher tees are cost-savers, too. Instead of snapping in two when the club makes impact, players find them more difficult to break, not to lose or damage a pocket full of tees on a daily circle.

Like their traditional wooden counterparts, ProLauncher tees can be engraved with a company or person insignias – many business owners like starting, a Golf course, where deals are done these days.

Not only ProLauncher tee will give you more speed and length, it also helps you spin your ball and the angle of the tee to your advantage where you can carry the ball and throw it on the green to position yourself in the fewest possible moves.

Test your skills using a variety of Golf tees. Choose wooden tees, ProLauncher tees, tees from zero friction, brush tees, and plastic, but flexible tees. Now, Golf tees have been honed to improve your scoring abilities, it’s time to evaluate each to see what suits your style and provides the maximum benefit every time you step on the Golf course.

For a dollar or two apiece you don’t want to use Prolauncher tees driving range mats – So be sure to check out the new adjustable height range Mat tee recently introduced in combination with the inventors ProLauncher and the inventor of the CCE real feel Golf mats.

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