How to make a wooden railing


Wood handrails are the perfect complement to any County home, whether in the city or the mountains. Reusing wood is a green alternative to burning it as waste. Skilled craftsmen can assemble mountain Laurel and rhododendron branches into elements of beauty, which give the appearance of wood to your home. Read on to find out how you can make your own.

1) to measure the location of the rail from post to post. You will need two 2x4s, two 1x4s and one 2×6 for each section of railing. Make a list of all of the lumber you will need.

2) paint or stain the lumber before Assembly.

3) attach the two 2x4s to the surface, making sure they are 33 cm apart from top to bottom. For a total handrail height of 38 inches, a handrail must be installed 3.5 inches above the floor.

4) Cut a mountain Laurel or rhododendron branch to match. Nail it to the top and bottom 2x4s 16 gauge finish nail gun.

5) Repeat Step 4, making sure the weave of the branches above and below. Sometimes the branches may be attached to the previously established branches, giving a more natural look.

6) cut several 2 inch pieces of 2×2. Embedding it on a regular basis to top and bottom 2x4s.

7) lacquer for the top and bottom 1x4s to 2×2 block.

8) the section of wood railing is ready to install!

This is a simple way to add natural beauty to your holiday home. Wooden railings are perfect for interior work, and exterior decks. Please remember to be careful when using power tools and nail guns.

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