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Wildlife art Durer, Albrecht (1471 1528 may to April)

This article will tell you about the art of wild nature, the famous German Renaissance artist Albrecht dürer, which is one of the most popular wildife artists ever. . .

Durer-famous German painter and mathematician who established his reputation early in life and now think of as the greatest Northern European artist of the Renaissance. His art of wildlife some of his most popular works, and includes a Rhino made from a verbal description of another artist, which is not very accurate, but still a great work of art. His other well-known animals and birds art includes “young hare”, “owl” (sometimes known as “the little owl”), and protein (see the Bottom of this article link to see all of these and many others).

Durers other genres of art include self-portraits, religious art (including “Adam”, “praying hands”, etc.) and various other works. His art often reflected the apocalyptic spirit of the age. His landscape watercolors painted while travelling in Europe, first known pure landscape art in the Western artistic tradition.

Dürer'father's profession jewelry, and dürer's godfather left his job as a jeweler to become a successful printer.

Dürer himself showed, from an early age, his exceptional talent for drawing. He studied printing in Venice, where he learned anatomy and the latest events in the future. He was obviously under the influence of artists. . . these effects it is integrated with its Northern Europe. Although Durer is known for his prints, actually craft production was almost certainly done by others, from drawings by Durer.

His engravings depicting animals and other subjects have made him known throughout Europe. Most of his works were prints, because it gave more income over time than painting. His art had great influence on many artists who came after him.

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