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Installation Of Wood On The Wood Lathe: Using A Glue Block


While one of the most significant achievements in turning in recent years has been the development of the four jaw Chuck for mounting wood for turning, the price tag on a good cartridge-it’s a shock for many Turners. In fact, the price for a decent four jaw Chuck is often attached prices for a starter machine. One of the things that a wood Turner should remember when going in faceplate...

Netsuke more than two hundred thousand dollars!


Netsuke (net-skeh) is a miniature sculpture developed in Japan over more than three hundred years. Kimono, a traditional form of Japanese dress had no pockets. Men suspended pouches (inro) on a Silk cord from his belt (Obi). To stop the cord from slipping through the “Obi”, a small switch is attached. What is the little toggle switch on the “netsuke”. The Dutchman In the...

Japanese art and language


Technology leader are over three thousand Islands in East Asia, Japan has a truly fascinating history, the Second largest economy in the world, a challenging language, prolific arts, various segments of the population. Japan has a rich history of art spanning several centuries. The painting is a traditional art form. Native painting techniques are mixed with techniques from continental Asia and...

Where Did Manga Come From?


And in the manga seems to be getting more popular, which often leads many to believe that this is a relatively modern creation that has actually been around (in early form) for over a thousand years. The tradition of telling stories through a series of sequential images has been a part of Japanese culture long before what we now know as present day manga ever happened. Actually Toba SOHO, in the...

Buy Wooden Blocks For Your Child? 3 Main Components, A Wooden Block Set


A set of wooden blocks will be a toy that children will love to play with often. They must have a sufficient number of works and the corresponding sizes and shapes for their age. If the wooden block set you purchase has too few pieces, the child may become bored or disinterested. It can limit your creativity and be unpleasant for them. Also keep in mind that the blocks are often social...

A tribute to the undervalued Ukiyo – e master Koryusai


Introduction Isoda Koryusai (C. 1735-90) originally a samurai became, after the death of his master, Mr. Tsuchiya, a so-called Ronin (a lordless knight) and 'floating man'. Most of these 'floating people' were in low water but Koryusai chose to become an artist and designer prints. First, he was probably a student of Nishimura Shigenaga (1697-1756) but his friend and master of...

The best method for industrial printing on curved panels and appliances


The seal was a very complex process. Complex and society. It began with woodblock printing, is about as basic as it gets. In the end, a thousand years after woodblock printing originated in Ancient China, the printing press changed everything, but still was very limited, today's standards. Fast forward to the period when the technology evolves in the blink of an eye, and we have many more...

5 piece masterpieces of women Utamaro


One of the most famous themes in the art of man has always been female beauty. But surprisingly few artists are primarily identified with this theme. The major exception is the Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) who dedicated his whole creative life, pursuing this beauty. He specialized in the posture, character, skin softness and grace of a woman and make full use of the...

Carpentry and have fun: sand games for kids


If your child can hold a piece of sandpaper, they can start your first woodworking project! Think I’m crazy? Watch, I’ll prove it to you. But first, take your child on a tour to get wood waste. Go to your local lumber yard or construction site and ask the yard/site Manager for any scraps they may have. Use your discretion on the size of the scraps based on what your child can easily...

Japanese woodblock prints artists – Hokusai and Hiroshige in comparison


One of the famous artistic genre of Japanese woodblock prints, known as Ukiyo-e, which literally means “pictures of the floating world.”It is an artistic genre that originated in the 1600’s, and became popular among the ordinary people of Japan for the relative ease of reproduction means that these prints were available to the common people. The subject of these Japanese prints...

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