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Wooden Toys Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow


Wooden toys have been favorite toys for many years……don’t let the TV commercials fool you! Long before plastic came on the scene the children were playing with wooden toys. Today some of the same favorite wooden toys are still favorites for kids and parents. Many parents believe ALL the TV commercials and buy what their children see and want on TV only to find it broke or at the...

Tips For Getting A Dark Finish For Staining Pine Wood


If you need to finish a trim or furniture pieces made of pine, and you are trying to stain the wood dark, you might face the problem of obtaining rich, dark tones that you would like. And even if you get a deep, dark stain color you wanted, why the results are so “spotty?” To stain pine wood dark, at any time, follow these steps. Start with grinding First things first, with any...

Building a new house – the first steps in developing plans in Florida and other places


A house in Miami or any area of South Florida is completely different from the house in any other area of the country. While most of the Eastern coast of the United States, and most of the rest of the country, builds houses with a wooden frame and finished in brick or wood siding, South Florida builds with concrete blocks and concrete. Quality and price Because of hurricane winds the structures...

Three secrets of the great woodworking


When you are doing something for a while, you get into habits you’ve created over time. Some of these habits can be Great, while others may have bad habits, born from tedious repetition, or working tired. It is beneficial then to take a step back now and then and revise what you know, and, perhaps, improve their good habits, or to embellish some that may have received, but to grow over time...

The Best Wood For Toys


Living in a throw away culture, we accept products made from inexpensive materials for one time use. One example is the disposable diaper. According to Wikipedia, the modern diapers are made of synthetic disposable materials with absorbent chemicals and discarded after use. Old-fashioned cloth diapers, on the other hand, consist of layers of fabric such as cotton, hemp, bamboo or microfiber and...

Types of circular saws


Not to cut in a straight line can seem like a daunting task? Then a circular saw is the perfect solution for you. Equipped with the appropriate blade, these saws are able to cut masonry, steel, ceramic tile and wood, so here is a brief buying guide to the right choice to make your project a success. Circular Saws Explained: A circular saw is a reliable tool that is capable of directly exact ad...

Hardy plank can give you the best viewing fiber cement house on the block!


If you want to own a home in the best house on the block in Staten island, Brooklyn, long island and new Jersey, then you need a Board hardy! Hardy plank siding has been around for a hundred years. It is an ever-popular product due to unmatched durability and appearance. For many years, this fiber cement home siding has been accelerated when he was with a mixture of sand, cement and cellulose...

How to make a wooden railing


Wood handrails are the perfect complement to any County home, whether in the city or the mountains. Reusing wood is a green alternative to burning it as waste. Skilled craftsmen can assemble mountain Laurel and rhododendron branches into elements of beauty, which give the appearance of wood to your home. Read on to find out how you can make your own. 1) to measure the location of the rail from...

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Against A Heavy Bag


Almost all martial artist or fighter is familiar with a heavy bag (sometimes also called pear). Even people who are not martial artists and boxers still know what heavy bags, they either saw them on TV, in gyms, or hanging from a beam in someone’s garage or basement. But there are less widely known trainer, who is not even many martial artists know: wing Chun wooden dummy. The wooden dummy...

How to install outside mount Cordless top-down bottom-up cellular shades


In this article I will discuss some tips to install outside mount cordless cellular shades. Most online stores have very good installation instructions as well as video, but there are some things that they don’t talk about. In this article I will show you some techniques I use as a window treatment installer on a daily basis. Before I start more details I want to take a moment and talk...

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