Porter-Cable 4216 Super Review Dovetail Jig


Porter-cable 4216 super dovetail jig (4215 with mini template kit) a device capable of making fancy joints for every wood project that the user needs to perform. The jigsaw is durable and a single steel base design which ensures its versatility and the ability lasts for a long time. The porter cable 4216 super dovetail jig is capable of boring holes through wooded blocks that are a fourth to an eighth of an inch thick. In addition, the heavy duty clamps complete with a sandpaper backed the lock bars also provides the device with a firm and steady grip of the wood. It is equipped with different templates that you can use in various projects. This lure also has a couple of templates and a wrench. After the purchase, the porter cable jig comes with two nuts and manual for users. Router bit depth gauge can set the bit depths for every wood work without measuring, and it can help to save a lot of time, especially for rushed projects.

Porter-Cable 4216 Super Fit Features

  • Easy setup with alignment lines of the template
  • Single steel structure
  • 12 month warranty
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Template for half blind, rabbeted, and sliding dovetails

These tools also include alignment lines of the template and cutter depth gauges, allowing installation of this device in a quick and easy way. This jig has a template that allows you to create blinds, rabbeted half blinds, as well as sliding dovetails. Template 4213 is also included and it can bore through dovetails and joints. Not only that, another feature is the template 4215 which can be used for miniature versions of Half blinds, dovetails, and couplings.

Owner Reviews

One reviewer who was a carpenter who bought the porter cable 4216 said that this is the best jig that he has ever had in his entire life. The fact that it has enough templates to accommodate any wood project that he accepts, he said that the jig made his work easier and more enjoyable. He also said that when he bought it, he began to experiment with different designs that he can do. These new wood designs made him popular in his neighborhood and now, his wood business is thriving and booming. Thanks to the porter jig and easy to understand manual, this Carpenter now enjoys success and small fame.

Another reviewer, who is a Engineering student said that the 4216 jig is an inexpensive, but very functional. Wood projects that he has to submit are now more creative and easy to do with the help of the 4216 jig. He also said that since his father was in the passion of creating household items out of wood, the porter cable jig enabled him to make any project that he has in mind. According to him, those who are looking for useful and affordable device made of wood should have the porter cable 4216 super dovetail jig.

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