The Steinway Piano Dilemma – Restoration Value Vs Buying New


Fans of the piano, especially those who appreciate the sound quality and piano vintage pianos, find that they can have their cake and eat it too. They enjoying the excellent quality of sound and exceptional quality of a Steinway piano at a more affordable price for the complete restoration of the piano.

Steinways have the reputation for offering an uncompromising standard of exceptional quality since 1853. The Steinway piano is renowned for its incomparable sound, intuitive, responsive touch and are the preferred choice for more than 90% of artists in the world. In a hand written note, famous inventor and owner of the company Steinway, Thomas Edison wrote: “I’ve decided to keep your Grand piano. For some reason unknown to me then it gives better results than any so far tried.”

The Benefits Of Restoring A Vintage Piano

Today is a new Steinway Grand piano costs about 60 000$. Restoring a vintage Steinway Grand piano is around half. And there are other benefits. Vintage Steinway pianos (generally built in 1942 and before) are made of solid, naturally seasoned wood and many have real ivory-covered keyboard. They also feature elegant cabinets with beautiful veneers and sometimes, intricate engravings.

Skilled artisans invest many hours of hard work, in a process that takes several months to complete. But, in the end, a beautifully restored piano will look and sound like it’s right off the showroom floor.

Vintage Investment Provides Higher Winnings

As an investment, Steinway pianos appreciate in value. And a vintage instrument presents even trickier investment opportunities. Take for example one of our former customers, Alan Cox. When he purchased a 1923 Steinway Grand piano with an African mahogany wood Cabinet that we helped him find, he’s just looking for the precise tool for his new Jersey home. But the tool that cost him $15,000 in 1996 is twice more today. New Steinway, which cost approximately 33,600 $at that time would have risen to the current value of just over $36,000.

Of course, avid musicians not because of the money. They are interested in fun to play, fun to listen to and the satisfaction of owning the best available tool. But still nice to know that you made a smart investment.

Putting Your Piano In Good Hands

The restoration of the piano is not just a skill, it’s art. And the best in the business consider this more than just a business. They have a sincere love and appreciation for music and strive to create the best possible tools.

Although the restoration is cheaper than buying new, it’s still a significant investment. So make sure you are confident in those doing the work. Research the company. How many years experience do they have? What are their qualifications? Ask for references and check them. The one who restores vintage piano should give it the attention it deserves.

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