Why Wooden Furniture Is Preferable To Plastic Furniture?


The furniture industry, like all others, has undergone many transformations over the years. The materials used for the production, which once was limited to only a few choices are now available in plenty of ranges. Aesthetics, functionality, preferences, lifestyle, strength, weight and many other factors affect the choice of materials used for furniture, whether it is residential or commercial purposes. Wood, plastic, chrome, PVC, glass, metal and cane and are just some of the types of materials that are available today. Plastic in particular, has acquired quite a large favor for the last couple of decades. However, again and again, society is turning back to wood for furniture, despite the abundance of alternatives. Let’s look at why wood is still preferable to plastic and other furniture:

DurabilityFamous manufacturers of household furniture, as well as those who specializiruetsya in the creation of modern office furniture are popular among its buyers because of the strength of the wood used in their ranges. Wood continues to be a favorite around the world, people of all cultures, due to its natural durable properties. Moreover, wood ages beautifully, so in contrast to materials such as plastic, it does not lose its natural charm, and can look like new with polishing. General wear and tear, which can cause dents, scratches and other damages can appear very unattractive plastic furniture and make it look old and tired pretty quickly. Wood, on the other hand, can absorb this wear and tear much more easily.

Aesthetic advantageWooden furniture has the aesthetic appeal that remains unmatched by other material, such as plastic, and to this day. Whether your personal style leans toward old-world charm and modern chic modular office furniture, wood can be used in extremely diverse ways. It lends itself to a variety of styles, available in many natural colours and shades, can be painted according to personal preference, and can be engraved with beautiful patterns and motifs.

Comfort: Due to solid wood composition, it is favorable for various kinds of poses, whether sitting or lying down. The use of wood in modular office furniture, which is pretty important given how much time people spend sitting in chairs, so widespread. Office as well as manufacturers of household furniture are widely used in various types of wood depending on individual needs, and able to benefit from its power. In fact, many people with chronic back pain are advised to sleep on beds that are made of solid wood, as it can be therapeutic over a long period of time. Such support is simply not available in plastic.

Versatility: The wood makes this the preferred choice for furniture is that it can be nicely combined with many other types of materials such as metal and glass. Glass in exquisitely carved wooden doors, for example, or glass countertops in a stylish wooden tables teak is not only modern, but also functionally brilliant.

It is not surprising, therefore, that wooden furniture is still to find as much favor among consumers as well as producers of furniture!

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