Roach Repellent – 5 Ways To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home


Repelling cockroaches is one portion of the integrated solution for pest control to rid your home of cockroaches pests. If the roaches don’t like the environment of your home, they are less likely to enter and nest in the first place. If you can find repellents to cockroaches, which don’t repel all the humans you know – even better.

The following 5 roach repellents might just do the trick to make your home the last place a roach wants to live:

Pepper Spray – Cockroaches don’t like red pepper. So, if you spray surfaces in the kitchen and the bathroom with a solution containing red pepper, the will avoid those surfaces. A simple recipe to prepare the spray, mix 2 tablespoons of Tobasco Sauce (the primary Ingredients are red pepper and vinegar) with 1 quart of water. Pour it into a pump spray bottle and mist on the surface. A word of caution, you will be misting pepper spray into the air. Until, while the mist settles, you are likely to sneeze greater than a few times. Consider wearing a mask when you apply the spray.

Mothballs – Roaches, like moths, don’t smell of mothballs. One of the widespread methods to drop a couple moth balls behind the stove to keep the bugs from hanging out there. One or two in the cupboard under the sink can be helpful as well. Mothballs are not good for a person, so do not store them near food or food preparation.

Cedar Products The cedar oil is an effective natural deterrent for a number of errors. There are many products available to take advantage of this fact. Look for thin cedar veneers that can be used to line drawers and cabinets, cedar balls, blocks, chips, etc to place in drawers and closets, and (of course) cedar boards and paneling line closet walls for maximum protection.

Peppermint Oil – Peppermint oil is the main ingredient in several non-toxic roach sprays. The roaches avoid it, and when I covered it, they suffocate. The sprays don’t kill as fast as typical poisons, but they are safe to use in the kitchen and around Pets and children. You can create a spray, like pepper spray, by diluting some Dr. Brauner’s Peppermint Castile soap in water and then applying with a spray gun. I haven’t tried, but you can create your own roach spray this way if the soap concentration is high enough.

Bay Leaf – Bay leaf-another sent that roaches avoid. You can pick up a bunch of dry Bay leaves in the spice section at any grocery. Place whole leaves or small sachets of crushed leaves in closets and cabinets. This is a good option for kitchen cabinets.

Except for naphthalene, there are no hazardous chemicals in any of these repellents of cockroaches. Give them a try, in combination with baiting, sealing, and applications of diatomaceous earth and boric acid to eliminate roaches from your home.

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