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They say that first impression is the last impression and that’s why people pay so much attention to the exterior of their homes and offices. If you think that roads are just a way of your garage, then you are probably wrong. Driveways have become a style statement, a reflection of your aesthetic properties and, therefore, new innovations and inventions was to give a new face-lift to driveways, year after year. But one thing that will always remain the favorite of concrete road.

Although, with time and technology the new concrete road has changed dramatically. Concrete driveways have evolved over time. There were times when concrete is considered outstanding due to its strength, quality, durability, and versatility. Now it is even considered one of the best due to its appearance and inspiration in terms of style statement. Concrete is available in different textures and colors to give your driveway a unique look. Further, concrete can be introduced in a variety of styles and can be developed in large quantity to provide your home and office an artistic appeal. Let us discuss briefly how concrete can provide your driveway a new avatar.

Concrete with three-dimensional paintings have become very exotic way to provide a new design for your driveways. Some specific models that are in rage:

Concrete engraving: concrete engraving can provide your driveway a completely new kind of brick, but in fact, the first pouring of the concrete mixture after the staining and engraving, to provide a masonry appearance.

Color concrete: colors are either mixed with the concrete mix or dusted over it once the plain concrete is laid.

Bare-aggregate finish: colorful pebbles are planted during normal concrete finishing; after the top layer of cement paste is washed the pebbles become exposed, providing a colorful pebbled concrete driveway. You can meet pebbles and colorful concrete with a veneer or can contrast as well.

In addition to stamping the pattern, you have the option of texture concrete finish.

Float and trowel finish: patterns made on concrete with wood, aluminum or steel floats look elegant.

Broom finishes: if you want to have a non-slip texture on your way, then broom finish is best suited.

Rock salt ready here, hard pieces of rock salt is engraved with the concrete and washed the by providing small holes on the driveways ,on the surface, of course, just apt for your driveway.

Therefore, in order to provide your home a new look, concrete driveways in a variety of styles became the order of the day, which are durable and thus costs less in the long run.

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