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Your deck may seem rather strong, but years of exposure to natural elements can accelerate the deterioration. To prevent rapid wear and tear, it is important that you maintain an effective scheduled maintenance.

Wash the veranda on a regular basis. Make sure that all minor and major repairs as well. To get rid of all the dirt and wood fibers, possibly with high pressure. However, the flow pressure must always move or pressure may scratch the wood. Let the patio dry over night. Remove the loose nails with a hammer. Choose a screw longer than the nail when you fasten the Board.

To eliminate the cracks of the wood. Mark dented the side, adjacent to the edge of the first beam, which is beyond the torn area. Never put signs on any parcel, which sits directly on the floor beams or could cause damage to the saw. If possible, use a power saw, especially for curved areas. Take nails or screws and damaged the Board. Use deck screws to blocks attached to the rafter. This will keep replacement boards in the correct position. To cut the Board to size. Pre-drill and attach to the support block and bandages using the deck screws.

Strap replacement might look taller and larger in comparison with the existing wood. Don’t worry, as it will reduce in size as the water gradually dissolves. You can align the wood to the sander, if the group continues to be higher than in the neighboring lamellae after a few weeks. Nails and screw heads should be hammered deeply into the wood before sanding.

Pressure-treated wood, resistant to insects and decay. However, it is still a risk of moisture and excessive sunlight. You can always buy transparent antiseptic with protection from ultra-violet rays. It is also able to support the wood without changing the color. To use an external shade if you want to add a different hue. These stains come in transparent and solid finish. Clear color is designed for deck, while one hundred percent of the varieties can be used for railings.

Always wear goggles and gloves when working with these chemicals for protection. Supplements apply using a roller or an ordinary brush. Allow the preservative to remain on the tree for at least 20 minutes. Cleaned the surface once more for uniform processing and other coating for added protection. Let’s deck to dry for two days before applying sealant.

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