Lathe chucks-wood – a New look at an old trick


When the old-timers talked about chucks for wood lathe, they had in mind, or Jacob Chuck, screw Chuck or glue block Chuck. Glue cartridges took a long time to install but was easy to use. New adhesives convenience even more, and the old cartridge more versatile for home Turner looking for a simple and effective way to hold work on a lathe.

Glue cartridges are almost always used for faceplate work. In fact, they start with a faceplate. Suppose that had been turned into a bowl, not the screw holes in the bottom. Instead of screwing the faceplate on the bottom of the bowl a piece of scrap wood was screwed to the faceplate. It then turned and faced the apartment. Then the Cup was glued to the scrap of wood.

Because it would be hard to get wood waste from the bowl, a piece of paper was glued between the tree and the bottom of the bowl. Once the dish was ready it was removed from the Chuck by placing a chisel or plane blade on the paper and striking it. Paper split leaving half on the plate and the half chicken. With a bit of sanding the bowl was ready to finish and Chuck was ready for the next gluing.

The only problem with the old glue Chuck, the time it took for the glue to set, usually overnight. Two modern adhesives to speed up the process and give great convenience, hot glue and super glue.

The same hot glue used crafters does a great job in mounting a dry bowl blank to the glue cartridge. Paper is used. The glue is easy to use, apply with good heat gun to the block with a crowbar and then immediately pressed to the bottom of the bowl. Within a couple of minutes it can be mounted in a lathe and turned. After it can be removed with a cut of friction of the parting tool into the block of waste to loosen the glue or bright glue line with a chisel.

Unfortunately, the hot glue will not work with wet wood that many turners like to use. Super glue or cyanoacrylate glue is doing a fine job. The first shot from the accelerator is applied to the bottom of the bowl. Then a bead of super glue is applied to the waste block on the glue Chuck. Both are pressed against each other again, and within a few minutes the product is ready to mount on wooden lathe. Once complete allows you to separate the glue from the glue Chuck with a sharp rap on the bit passes through the glue line.

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