Buy Wooden Blocks For Your Child? 3 Main Components, A Wooden Block Set


A set of wooden blocks will be a toy that children will love to play with often. They must have a sufficient number of works and the corresponding sizes and shapes for their age. If the wooden block set you purchase has too few pieces, the child may become bored or disinterested. It can limit your creativity and be unpleasant for them. Also keep in mind that the blocks are often social activities, especially when they get to about 5 years. A good wooden block set has enough blocks so that they can share with friends and build with their boundless imagination. On the other hand, too many units can overwhelm a small child. There may be too many to sort through and find the right size or shape. They don’t want to take them out because it’s too dreary to clean them when they did. As children get older they can handle more parts.

The Corresponding Number Of Blocks For Different Ages

12-18 months 15-25 pieces

19-23 months – 20-40 pieces

2 years – 20-40 pieces

3 years – 60-80 pieces

4-5 years – 80-100 pieces

6-8 years old – 80-100 pieces or more

9-12 years – 100+ pieces

Also important is the size and shape of the blocks. Child's ability to manage larger and more complex the form of blocks increases with age. A young child will need some shapes other than squares and rectangles. The older child, however, will need much more variety in the size and length of blocks along with more complex shapes. Make sure you know the size of the wooden blocks before you buy them. When shopping online, pictures can be deceiving, and size is often difficult to determine.

The Respective Sizes And Shapes Of Blocks For Different Ages

12-18 months – square and rectangular blocks, 2-4 inches

19-23 months – square and rectangular blocks, 2-4 inches

2 years – square and rectangular blocks, 2-4 inches and a few triangles and cylinders

3 years – square, rectangular blocks, 2-3 cm base unit, and then double and quadruple rooms that are multiples of the basic unit, small #s of triangles, wedges, cylinders

4-5 years – square, rectangular blocks of different sizes and lengths, triangles, cubes, cylinders, beams, arches

6-8 years – squares, rectangular blocks in many lengths and sizes, longer and bigger units use more # triangles, wedges, cylinders, beams, arches and other geometric shapes

9-12 years – square, rectangular blocks in many lengths and sizes, triangles, cubes, cylinders, beams, arches and other geometric shapes. Also complex shapes like double arches, cones and spires

When considering the contents of wooden block set also remember your child will grow, and their wooden block set have to grow with them. You might want to consider buying a set which is a little more advanced than what is suitable for your child's current age. You can also buy one that can be easily added in the future. Also consider how many children usually play with the blocks. If you usually have 2 or 3 children, Build together, the larger the number of blocks required. If you have multiple children in your family plan to buy a set of suitable for older children.

Next, consider how you will store your child's building blocks. Hardwood block set with a large number of objects requires a good way to store them. There are many options available. Many block sets come in a wooden crate or box. They correspond to the appearance from the wooden blocks and often have handles to aid in easy to wear them. If you need more than one box to contain a number of blocks, they are usually stack-able. They don't usually have cover and it is sometimes necessary to stack the blocks in a certain order to make them all fit. It can be frustrating for younger children and moms. Because they are wood, they are often quite expensive.

Some people prefer to keep their wooden blocks in a storage shelf. They usually have separate compartments in the shelves so that children can sort the blocks by shape and size. They are great for keeping the blocks well-organized. Children also learn during cleaning by sorting blocks. The shelf can be particularly useful if you have a very large number of blocks. They are usually made of solid wood and therefore heavy, take up more space and are quite expensive.

Storage container of a specific type is a great way to store wooden blocks. Plastic container or bucket has the advantage of fast cleaning, because the child can put the blocks without or fold them. Look for options that have a handle for easy carrying, and no need to carry large bulky container. Usually this is an affordable option for storing your blocks.

The quality of the units is also very important. In assessing the quality of wooden building blocks to look for a consistent size, smooth surfaces and rounded, without sharp edges. Look for products that have passed safety testing according to US standards. In the USA wooden blocks are tested for Flammability, drop and bite testing open testing for small parts and choke. If the blocks are painted or have any type of coating, they are tested for harmful substances. Wooden block set will last for many years, and the purchase of a high quality set will be a good family investment.

Wooden blocks can be made of various types of wood. The blocks from hardwood are more durable, heavier and more expensive. Maple blocks are the premium, but also bear the high price tag. The blocks are also made of more affordable rocks easier, it is also very durable but much more affordable. The other blocks are made of soft wood like pine or spruce. It would be easier, but it can easily become overexposed, although children still love to play with them and get the same textbooks. Some imported blocks are made from rubber wood, wood, wood that produces a latex. They are, as a rule, more economical unit, but good quality.

Blocks for kids is a great toy. Kids of all ages love them. They are natural and education. They will last for many years. So if you want to buy a wooden block set look for relevant content, good storage system and high quality wooden blocks that fit within your budget.

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